Eric Dee


Broomfield, CO


I started painting in the late 70's but would typically paint 2 paintings a year. I experimented with everything from portraits and nudes to landscapes.But I somewhat suddenly found myself far from my Canadian home and Married with Children and living and starting a career in the corp. world in the late 80's and in Texas.
My oil paints and brushes and tools went into a box that wasn't opened again for 20 years in late 2007, I knew I had to paint again.
I restocked my dried up paint supplies. I had a vision to attack the subject of celebrity and icon portraits and focus on capturing the essence of the character.
The kids have grown, the wife is gone and I intend to take this art thing as far as it will go. Welcome to my new adventure. Please feel free to ride along, view my paintings for free on this web site. If you like some of them like I do you can purchase a quality print at a very reasonable price or purchase an available original and enjoy its vibrant presence in its original colors in your home.
I can also do dynamic original portraits of you, your friends, pets or family members.
Comments are very welcome. Offers to buy are also appreciated and welcome. Contact me today, I can be reached @ 720-379-7838
All out of Denver area sales of original work are subject to shipping fees to include packaging and insurance in addition to price of art which vary with size and destination. I ship from the Denver Colorado area and do so with terrific gratitude!


Duane 'Red' Loban by Eric Dee


Dying Monk - Face to Faith by Eric Dee


Symmetry in Paint by Eric Dee


Passion In Flight by Eric Dee


Elvis Presley - America by Eric Dee


Elvis- Mississippi Trucker by Eric Dee


Humphrey Bogart #3 by Eric Dee


Humphrey Bogart #2 by Eric Dee


Marilyn Monroe Pretty In Pink Lite by Eric Dee


Humphrey DeForest Bogart -1 by Eric Dee


Elvis 1953 by Eric Dee


Marilyn Monroe - TMI by Eric Dee


Uncle Only's Farewell by Eric Dee


Moon Dance by Eric Dee


Bob Odenkirk - Better Call Saul by Eric Dee


Norma Jean by Eric Dee


Bad Santa by Eric Dee


Obligedly Deceased by Eric Dee


Willie Nelson - Doobie Brother by Eric Dee


Gia by Eric Dee



Cold Hard Cash by Eric Dee


Bethany by Eric Dee


Pinkman - Breaking Bad by Eric Dee


Peter Sagan by Eric Dee


Benicio del Toro by Eric Dee


Jay Z by Eric Dee


Kanye West - I'm Just Amazing by Eric Dee


The Prize by Eric Dee


Small Change for Tom Waits by Eric Dee


Fluffy by Eric Dee


The Leads are Weak by Eric Dee


Johnny Breaks a Nail by Eric Dee


The Notorious B.I.G. by Eric Dee


2pac - Thug Life by Eric Dee


Too Soon Tupac by Eric Dee


W W J D by Eric Dee


Heisenberg - Breaking Bad by Eric Dee


Sinatra - The Voice by Eric Dee


Zack Attack by Eric Dee


Prison Blues by Eric Dee


Van Morrison - Belfast Cowboy by Eric Dee


Anna the Bullie by Eric Dee


Cat Portraiture 1 by Eric Dee


Gus by Eric Dee



Ivy by Eric Dee



Abraham Lincoln by Eric Dee


Sunflower Sunset by Eric Dee


What To Do About Boys by Eric Dee